About this site

Hello and welcome! I’m Menno, and I like to play guitar. When I was younger, I had guitar lessons. These were great, as I learned a new song every week. When I had to quit guitar lessons, I found it hard to keep playing. I noticed there are plenty of  Youtube videos out there to practice guitar songs, and a lot of them of good quality. However, I still started practicing less and less, as there are just too many videos out there, and no one helped me to keep focussed.

Then the idea for this site was born. I want to make an update with a new song each and every week, removing the clutter of endless video’s, and also encouraging both me as the curator and you as the reader to keep playing guitar, as it is something I want to keep doing, and I hope you aswell!

If you have any feedback for me, feel free to submit a feedback form, positioned on the bottom edge of the page.